Random Thursday: Art to See, Tats for Me, and Toes that Squee

It’s Thursday, traditionally the day when I throw odd stuff onscreen in the hopes that it will resemble an actual post.

Several of you lovely people have been asking if–or more optimistically when–I would be starting those up again.

I guess… now?


The Art of Healing

My go-to surgery site* is within the depths of the University of Iowa Hospitals.  It’s a huge, extremely busy complex, but it does its best to avoid being impersonable, mostly through a kick-ass staff, but also through artwork.  A LOT of artwork.  Everywhere you go, it lines the walls, sparking interest and awe.

Like this, in my surgeon’s registration queue:


Or this, in the waiting room:


There are even a line of dollhouses in the skyramp to the parking garage:


And amazing sculptures by the elevators.  My favorite? This one, which is currently in the F elevator bank on Level 2.


There’s nothing like a manual typewriter grasshopper to take your mind off a CT scan. Just look at his feet!


Much of the art is for sale, but unfortunately this guy is on loan.  But he is a bright side to frequent hospital visits, which I suppose is the point.


Butterflied Toes

Lately, I’ve fallen into the abyss of nail art.  Polish comes in so many shades, it’s good for my manual dexterity and patience, and I like being able to take care of myself, even in this small way.

When I have some time on my hands (pun totally intended, you have to ask?) I either do my own nails or bribe Sunny into sitting still–relinquishing the TV remote usually works–so I can do hers.

My first attempts at vinyls were perpetrated on her toes.  I think I did a decent job, since butterflies aren’t supposed to be synched up… though I admit the cuteness of the canvas made up for a lot:


Today crooked butterflies, tomorrow, holographic zebra stripes!**


Tattling on Tattly


It’s no secret that I love tattoos and even sport a few. But for obvious reasons, I won’t be going out to get any new ones anytime soon.***

So I started bringing them to me.

Tattly is an online temporary tattoo shop that hires top-notch artists to create designs from the wacky (Banana in Sunglasses, anyone?) to the elegant (So. Gorgeous.)

The designs are reasonably priced,  individually or in sets.  They have something for everyone, young or old, including scented herbs and florals!^


Plus, they have a good reputation for paying their artists well and on time.  I like that in a company, even more than I like the free sponges they offer with each purchase.


If nothing else, you should totally subscribe to Tattly’s newsletter. It not only offers deals and contests, but random links to some pretty awesome stuff!

And you know that’s how we roll around here.


* Yeah, I have a go-to surgery site, now. It surprised me, too. I’m going back to it this coming Wednesday, by the way, but more on that later.

**Because it’s only fair that she picks the colors, that’s why.

***If it isn’t obvious to you, please for to click here and here.

^ And rainbows on skateboards!




14 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Art to See, Tats for Me, and Toes that Squee

  1. The art is amazing, especially the grasshopper!

    You are a very patient person to paint those tiny nails and put on the additional butterflies .

    And of course, thank you for posting it just before I went to bed 😘

  2. Glad you,re back. Only have polish (Oceana) on my thumbs and little fingers, but managed to put some pink on the others. Am looking forward to “turkey day” for you to again do your nail magic. Love you.

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