“Prelude to Axanar”: The Stardate of Something Amazing

I’m a fan of Star Trek from way back, as was my mother before me.  She allowed me to watch as many episodes as I wanted in syndication—she’d already seen them when they first aired—and helped me to establish a decent collection of novels that are still on my shelves.

I’ve seen all the movies—occasionally to my regret—and while I’m not the kind of detail-oriented person who knows every episode and historical plot point by stardate—or knows all the canon-twisting reasons why Klingons changed their facial appearances as often as Starfleet redesigned their uniforms—I’m comfortable in the universe and get most of the in-jokes (I think).

So when my husband told me about a short, fan-made, Hollywood-filmed Star Trek video called”Prelude to Axanar”, which is based on a RPG sourcebook that outlines a (non-series canon) “Four Years War” between a young United Federation of Planets and the invading Klingon Empire, I thought it sounded interesting. So I gave it a try.

It blew my mind.

Written by Alec Peters, directed by Chris Gossett, created by a crew of magicians, and performed by professional actors you may (should) recognize, this mini-movie is a brilliant, documentary-style teaser that the creators hope will generate funds for a feature-length film.

My librarian’s heart was captured within the first twenty-two seconds. After ten, I had goosebumps.  And when it was done, I went to my husband and said, “Is it too late to give them all our money?  We could take out a second mortgage.”

See for yourself:

Even if you don’t know who Kelvar Garth was* or didn’t recognize Vulcan Ambassador Soval from Star Trek: Enterprise** or you aren’t even that into Star Trek at all, this is compelling stuff.  Heck, I’d gladly pitch in for the rest of the documentary, let alone a movie that puts us in the middle of the action.

I checked the Axanar website and, luckily for our financial stability and the kids’ college funds, they don’t need that much more money to reach their present goal.***  In fact, Anaxar (or at least the first act) is scheduled to be released in 2016.

This is going to be something to behold.  I can’t wait!



*I’ll admit, I’d forgotten that episode until I looked him up.  I do hope he fares better in this timeline.

**I had that one covered; I’ve been in fanlove with Gary Graham for years.

***Not that I didn’t donate, but I toned it down somewhat.  No kidneys were donated towards the making of this movie.  Not my kidneys, anyway . . .