Winner of the Awesomesauciest Giveaway

Congratulations, Julia Seymour! 

Sunny  picked your name out of her Cincinnati Reds cap, so you win the well-loved paperback copy of Bertrice Small’s Blaze Wyndham.

E-mail me your mailing address and I’ll send it out Monday!



A few months ago, Sarah Wendell—known affectionately as  SBSarah of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books—posted a nostalgic retro-review for Bertrice Small’s Blaze Wyndham, an Old Skool historical romance set in Henry VIII’s time—and partially in his bedroom.

I commented that we had two copies of this book that were still frequently checked out, but I was going to have to discard one of them before it disintegrated completely. I mentioned that since the title was well out of print, I probably wouldn’t be able to afford a replacement, supposing I could find one.

Sarah offered to buy and donate a copy of the book to the library.  All she wanted was an appropriate bookplate with specific wording.

Of course, I accepted—anything for my Patron Army of Romance Readers.*

A bit later, two pristine hardback copies of Blaze Wyndham arrived.  Perfect timing, too, because I was wrong about discarding one of our copies—I had to decommission both.

It took some time to convince tech services that, yes, I did want a silver and purple bookplate, but I think they did a great job:

Sarah Wendell Commemorative Purple Prose Book Donation Of Awesomesauce

One copy had a hold on it before it hit the catalog!**

The moral of this blog post is that library supporters are full of the awesomesauce, and Sarah Wendell is one of the awesomesauciest.

SBSarah also sent a paperback Blaze Wyndham, but it has been too well-loved to add to our collection.  All the pages are in good shape and I’ve just finished reading it (again)—so if anyone would like to read for themselves how Bertrice Small writes Plantagenet lovin’, leave a comment to that effect.

If more than one person is interested, I’ll do a random drawing and mail it to the winner.  Yes, even to Australia.


*Not kidding—these people keep me on my toes. Some of them request books years in advance.

**A volunteer (and Bertrice Small fan) saw it on my desk and wanted to take it home with her—she promised she’d bring it back. Riiiight. I fended her off with a hold slip.