Random Thursday: Bad Habits and Edible Surrealism

Random Thursday (ˈrandəm ˈTHərzdā):  the day on which Sarah plunks down all the odd bits and pieces she’s acquired during the week in an effort to avoid writing a real post, the assembly of which usually ends up taking twice as much time as actually sitting down and creating real content.


Kleptomania is the New Black

It’s my habit to stick a pencil behind my ear—sometimes more than one, if I’m distracted— while I’m working the public desk at the library, because pencils are useful and elusive objects that I usually need when I’m not sitting at the desk.

The problem is,  I often forget to put the pencil back where I’ve found it,  and end up carrying  it around for a while before putting it down wherever I happen to be. So most of the pencils in the department that aren’t on the floor usually end up at my desk, stuffed into my Don’t Make Me Hush You mug.

Once the mug is full, and my co-workers have made enough pointed comments about the total absence of pencils in the department—I collect them and put them out at the front desk so the cycle can continue.

Clearly, something had to be done about this.  And clearly, that something had to involve these:

These are The New Black pencils from Fred & Friends, my new favorite purveyor of cool stuff it never occurred to me to desperately need before I saw it.  You know the kind, right?

They’re really great pencils—even the wood is black, all the way through, so they match most of my wardrobe—and have a bit of humor to them—which, come to think, also matches most of my wardrobe.

So I bought a pack and made a rule that these the only ones I’m now allowed to put behind my ear at work.  In theory, that means that the rest of the department’s pencils are safe and only black pencils will be stuffed into the Hush  mug.

I started a few days ago and so far, so good . . . though my co-workers are starting to ask whether Fred sells pens and sticky notes, too.

No idea why.


Alexandre Dubosc: Artiste . . .Visionary . . .Cakespinner

Many of you have probably seen Mr. Dubosc’s excellent homage to Tim Burton:

I loved it enough to find this earlier one, which makes me dizzy in a good way:

And now I want cake.  And M&Ms.  And chocolate.  While re- watching the Nightmare Before Christmas.


About that Wardrobe . . . 

Ordered a batch of new tee-shirts from CafePress recently, because within the space of three days, one of my favorites dyed a tragic death (see what I did there?) when I accidentally washed it with Janie’s new, teal softball shirt*  and the last remaining shirt from my college days finally disintegrated under a set of circumstances I’m saving for my memoirs because I should be paid royalties for that kind of embarrassment.

They arrived last week.  My family took a look and seemed completely unsurprised at my selection.  Here’s a sample:**

I like how people turn their heads when they read this—Janie almost fell down.


No, this one didn’t come in black—why do you ask?



 These two are fairly self-explanatory.


 So . . . What are you wearing?


Cake or Death!

Ummm . . . . Let me think . . . .

I’ve had a braincrush on Eddie Izzard for ages.   Well . . . Not just brain, really, but I might as well save that one for the memoirs, too . . .

  (video courtesy of my SIL,  Watson . . . Dang, that will never get old)


* My absolute favorite survived.  Of course, it’s black, so . . .

**There are two more, but figured y’all have more than enough here to render a judgement on the state of my psyche.  Not that you need tee-shirts for that around here, God knows.