Random Thursday: TGIT Version

I hope it’s not wrong to look at the calendar and say, It’s Thursday!  I don’t have to come up with a cohesive blog post!  I can just throw bits and pieces at it!  No one can make me make sense!  Whee!

Not that I can claim to make much sense anyway, but I feel better about it on Thursdays.


It was a record 92F yesterday, with about 89% humidity.  I don’t care if some of you in less temperate areas are snickering, we had a flippin’  freeze three days ago, and my personal temp-tolerance is taking a beating.

The library was supposed to have the AC working, but there was a bit of trouble that wasn’t solved until after everyone went home, which meant I spent the day carrying around my desk fan, unplugging it without turning it off and hoping the blades wouldn’t stop before I reached the outlet at my next destination.

I entered the oven that was my car, cranked the AC, picked up a limp Janie, who had stripped down—or perhaps up?—to her pinafore, and went home to find that the cat had melted all over the living room floor like a furry flounder.

Apparently, Captain Thermostat, aka, That Man I Married, decided that fresh air was more important than protecting his family from stewing in their own juices and preventing his wife from becoming a sweaty, cranky, exhausted Goddess of Doom.   I abused him disabused him of this notion, he turned on the central air, and things are now quite pleasant in the Wesson household.

Technology—it exists for a reason, people.


But he made it up later by sending me the link to these:


 Yes, that’s right!  IKEA SciFi manuals!   Click the link, share the love! 


Have I ever mentioned Genevieve Valentine’s blog?  Because her movie reviews and her analysis of red carpet fashions are snarktastic crack—or maybe cracktastic snark.  Whichever.

Her pre-review of the move Priest, based on the lobby cards and trailers, had my husband and I laughing out loud and reading lines to each other from our respective laptops.

And I quote:

“However, in this film [Karl Urban] is the chosen representative of the Ham-Off Delegation, and so he has Scenery-Chewing Immunity and must not yet be discussed as per the Curry-Walken Bylaws, which require the film to be viewed before the comparative cinematic value of the Ham-Off can be determined.”

I am in drop-jawed awe of the woman’s wordskills—even  if I occasionally disagree with her, I always enjoy how she states her opinions.

Ms. Valentine also just released a book, Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti, which appears from the description to be a dystopi -Cirque du Soleil-steampunk fantasy. I’m in!


My reward for finishing the first Pigeon draft by my birthday—which I’m going to accomplish come hell, highwater, locusts, frogs, hallucinogenic-levels of sleep deprivation, caffeine poisoning, and Captain Thermostat—is going to be a Doctor Who Eleven marathon (and thanks to Lyra for the inspiration).

Hey.  Grim determination and borderline obsession is cool.

I currently have 37 days left.

Bring it.


Random Thursday: Scattershorts

Janie recorded the Hannah Montana Movie a week or two ago and has been replaying the “Hoedown Throwdown” segment until I found myself chanting the lyrics, or a version of the lyrics, this morning at work.  All morning.

I’m still doing it—not even R.E.M.’s  “Stand”—the universal earworm eradicator—is shifting this one:

Pop it, lock it, polka dot it
Countrify it, then hip hop it
Put your hawk in the sky, move side to side
Jump to the left, stick it, slide.

I know it’s a wholesome, fun song with no profanity or suggestive imagery, but won’t someone please think of the parents?


My copies of R.E.D. and the first season of the BBC’s Sherlock arrived yesterday, but I remained strong and stuck to my writing schedule instead of opening them—which, considering standard DVD packaging, would have taken most of my evening, anyway.

I did position the latter so that I could gaze at Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman every so often, as a reward.*  Neither are actually my usual physical type—as my husband pointed out—but this does not appear to pose a problem.


Yet another newly-discovered time suck!**

Daily Routines explores  the ways well-known writers, architects, painters, politicians, and other individuals of note get, or got, through the day.

These examples can be either comforting or a little frightening, depending on the quirks you share and with whom you share them.

Just remember:  famous people are eccentric.  The rest of us are still plain weird.


Genevieve Valentine’s take on Oscar Red Carpet fashions was marvelous, as always.

Can’t say I agree with her assessment of Cate Blanchett, who appeared to be wearing an embroidered peekaboo tabard, but I always enjoy Ms. Valentine’s posts. And her short stories, too!


Gary Corby has a fascinating post about ancient Greek tax laws over on his blog.

No, seriously.

We have to try this system over here in the States—Televised.

Heck, if the IRS  made it pay-per-view, we could settle the National Debt.


*My adoration of John Malkovich is slightly more cerebral, though not by much.

**I’m going to have to start a new link list for these.