One of the Coolest Things About My Mom . . .

crazy parenting fails - Better Than Macaroni Art
. . . is that she’s laughing about this right now and sharing it with her friends.*

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Sometimes, genetics is awesome.


* And passing around the card I gave her this year.  Inside:   a picture not unlike the one above—though with a cowboy hat— and Happy Mother’s Day embossed on it.  Inside:  I figured you’ve been given enough flowers and kittens by now.   Mom loved it.  Dad wasn’t sure .  . .


A Mother’s Favorite Pastime . . .

Bragging on her kids:

Janie had a softball game yesterday and I was finally able to watch.
First time up, she smacked a solid hit past second:

And ran it home:

That’s my girl!

This is also my girl:

After two full nights of snuggling with her Mommy because she wasn’t feeling well,
she was diagnosed with strep throat. 
But she’s cute. 
And hey, a Mother’s Day gift is a Mother’s Day gift, right?
Even if it is a case of Group A Streptococcus.

Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who has ever belonged to a child or other small creature.

Go take a nap!