Reading into Valentine’s Day

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When I checked my e-mail this morning,
while grumbling about having to go to work today,
a friend (Hi, Caitlin!) had sent me some great Valentines
that she thought I needed to see because
“They’re just the right amount of nerdy.”


So not only did I receive a thoughtful e-mail
and several images just right for a quick blog post
but I now know that someone really gets me.


Have a lovely day!

And if you don’t have plans, why not visit your library
and pick up a hot-covered book for a one-night stand?

Or click on a Valentine for a “blind date” suggestion.

find love

 It might be the start of a beautiful relationship.


Random Thursday: Random, Alternative Lovestylings

Happy Random Valentine’s Day!

And just remember:  you knew what you were getting into when you clicked the link . . . 



That Creepy-Uppy kind of Love

Tim Minchin, ladies and gentlemen.  He is The Awesome.

He also wrote a couple of love songs I can’t possibly share on a blog where I write about my kids.

They’re on YouTube.  Go find ’em.

(Dad, I’ll e-mail you the links)


Geek Lines

Geek Love



Zombie Romance with Bonus Earworm

I know I’ve shared this before, but it’s so flippin’ adorable, like Holly Hobbie gone . . . off.

Still a better love story than . . . you know.

And you’ll be humming it for days.


It’s True.  I do.

Napping Love


Depressed about Being Single?

Let Christy Murphy turn you around:


To My Darling

Favorite Husband

I don’t tell you this nearly as much as I should.