Psst: In Hiding, Better Post Later

I think Janie’s virus has found me . . . so I’m going to hunker down with a huge pot of hot tea, a quilt, and my entry for the Hamilton Writers Guild Contest for the rest of the evening and hope it loses interest.


How’d that get in there?

Humorous Pictures

A frog has taken up residence in my throat and is currently using me for a ventriloquist’s dummy.

His partner the porcupine is pulling the levers.

The aches in my muscles might be because I’ve decided to drag my sedentary carcass up stairs instead of elevators when I’m not pushing a bookcart or carrying something I can’t see over.

But I don’t think so.  I think that virus I’ve been outrunning for the better part of a week finally got me.

At least if I have to miss work, I’ll score either some sleeping or writing time . . .  Or I’ll be able to catch up on White Collar. I still don’t know if Mozzie died!


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