Random Thursday: Bad Librarians Do It With You

It’s Random National Library Week Thursday!

Have you given your librarian chocolate today?

Would you like a librarian to give chocolate to?

Because I could totally be that librarian.


The Librarian Song

Joe Uveges wrote a song for the Colorado Librarian’s Association five or six years ago and a friend sent it to me a couple days ago.

Most of the librarians know would have been in the peeing section.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean.

(thanks, Kev—you owe me a keyboard)


We do, Actually

Beauty and the Books

(via Watson, who appreciates literacy in a tall man)


Stay Informed, My Friends

No, Paul, that’s not me.  At all.  But I’m flattered you asked.


Share the Love

In honor of National Library Week

The Poetry Wednesday Ode to Libraries (and Librarians) Contest
challenges you to get your poetry on!

Rules and Regs are here.

As of this post, we already have five names ready for the Hat of Win.

You have until the 20th to post your Libraries (and Librarians) Are All That poem in the comments of  the post I’ve now linked up three times in this one section.

Seriously, it’s easy:

Librarians know
Where All the Secrets Are Kept
Do not tick them off.



I Wanna Be a Bad Librarian!

Or at least work for the Jonesboro Public Library System, because they’re definitely in the peeing section.

Yeah, still doesn’t sound right.  But you still know what I mean.

Wonder if they’re hiring?


*My husband suggested that I get someone to translate this into kanji or rōmaji for my next tattoo.  Hmmm . . .