Random Thursday: Glass Octopuses Shouldn’t Throw Musical Fords at Australia

Random Thursday (ˈrandəm ˈTHərzdā): the day on which Sarah plunks down all the odd bits and pieces she’s been sent by friends or has otherwise stumbled upon this week in an effort to avoid writing a real post, the assembly of which usually ends up taking twice as much time as sitting down and creating actual content.

Just go with it.


The Australian Booksellers Association would like to remind you of a simple, yet oft overlooked fact this holiday season:

Books versus Octopuses

Words to wrap by.

As a related aside,
when I told the friend who shared this on Facebook (hi, Paula!) that I wanted an Octopus anyway,
she sent me this:

Onward Octopus

All Hail the Octopodian Empire!

And good friends, too.


Even Victoria Would Be Amused

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, already amazing, gets ten extra awesomepoints for this.

The conductor, Cezary Skubiszewski, gets twenty.

And the agency who came up with this and all the people who made it work?

They get All Of Them.

(Thanks, Siobhan!)


Terrapin Glass Octopus

The day after I finished Nanowrimo, I rewarded myself by going to the local Art Fair
and buying myself a small, handmade, glass octopus.

Glass Octopus

This should surprise no one who knows me.

This is a terrible photo—I took it—so just trust me when I say that the whole of this translucent little guy shines, and any nearby light source makes him glow.

Those tiny dots on the underside of his tentacles are the palest pink—it works—and they feel good when you hold him in the palm of your hand.

When I hold him, I mean.  ‘Cause he’s mine.

I’m pretty sure his name is Herschel, but I don’t know why.

He was made by Jonathon Gartland,
a twenty-year old artist who can do beautifully detailed, remarkably tactile, and often disturbing things with glass.

Like this guy, who look up at me with his expressive little eye and reminded me of all the dragons I used to doodle in my math notebooks.
And maybe also a catfish crossed with a chihuahua:

Glass Guy

All I know is, he fits perfectly into my hand while I’m thinking—
a smooth glass worrycreature packing two sharp barbs.

We’re still working on his name.

Mr. Gartland doesn’t have a website, yet,
or much of a Facebook presence at the moment,
but keep an eye out (pun intended) for Terrapin Glass out of Peoria.


Random Dumb Joke You Will Be Telling at Least Two People:

What goes “Quick! Quick!” ?


A duck with the hiccups.

Ode to an Ad Agency

I’ll confess to being indifferent about Fords, or even cars in general,
but I’m absolutely gone on the advertising agency who came up with this:

(thanks, Dee!)