I’ll have the Liebster tale, a glass of Pinot Noir, and a bib.

Hey, I was nominated for a Liebster Blogger Award!

Liebster Award


Naturally, I jumped at the chance to get my Tuesday post out of the way  was tickled, and diligently managed to fill most of the conditions of the award . . . before making the mistake of tracing back the origins of the Liebster, out of curiosity.

I really need to stop doing that, because, unfortunately—or maybe not—I discovered that according to the current rules on several sites,  I have too many followers to accept, even if I don’t count the businesses who are following me in the hopes that I’ll buy their aluminum siding or marketing tricks or whatever.*

I know.  It was a surprise to me, too.

But since I’m still flattered to be nominated—and by one of my favorite people, no less—and I’d already done the work, I decided to pretend I can accept, up to a point, and post this thing anyway.

The blog must be fed, people!



To pseudoaccept the Liebster, I need to follow six semi-simple steps:

1.  Thank the person who nominated me and post a link to their blog.

Thanks, Downith!

2. Display the award on my blog.

See above.

(if I could truly accept, I’d be putting it in my sidebar, too)

3. Answer eleven questions about myself, provided by the person who nominated me.

Here goes:

Where do you usually write/create?

Officially, I have a desk in the corner of our bedroom and a laptop when I need a change of scenery and/or better coffee than I’m capable of making.

In reality, I write anywhere I happen to be when a story or plot point or bit of dialogue bites my ankle.  I carry a flash drive and a small bound scribble book wherever I go, and since I work in a library, I have a steady supply of research materials and scrap paper to make notes on.** Though I’ve been known to write stuff on the backs of envelopes or paper napkins, if I’m caught short.


Describe your ideal writing/making day.

I have every other Friday off from the library, and  my husband usually takes the kids to school.  I sleep in for an hour, hug everyone goodbye, have a shower and much coffee, and write until it’s time for my standing nail appointment, for which I’m not apologizing—besides the fact that typing is more fun with pretty fingers, it includes a hand-to-elbow pineapple oil massage that I’m convinced is keeping carpal tunnel at bay.  I come home and write until my husband comes home and reminds me it’s lunch time.

Since this is an IDEAL day I’m inventing describing here, I stay awake after lunch and write until the kids get home.***  After the kids go to bed, I write until its MY bedtime—or perhaps a tiny bit past it . . .

And again, since this is an ideal day, everything I write is amazing and clever and fits so perfectly with previous scenes that I don’t have to stick it any editing notes—and none of it will be thrown out in disgust the next day.


What are you really enjoying working on at the moment?

I’m working on two vastly different WIPS and a Fun Side Project.  The first two are described here.

The Fun Project is an anonymous writing exercise that’s acting as a sort of pump primer for the other two projects.  It gets the flow going—kind of like a paragraph Nano.  If it shapes itself into a Real Story, great.  If not, it’s still fun, and I won’t have to edit it.  Score!

I also like blogging.  But you probablyguessed that.


What, if anything, stops you from writing?

I have kids, a marriage, and a mortgage to pay.  Those are the priorities for now.

But nothing can stop me from thinking about a story.


If you could choose a writer to be your mentor (share work with, chat about the process) who would it be? 

I’m doing pretty well with the amazing writer-friends I have now, really.  If I ever get stuck, I’m only a whiny e-mail or two away from guidance, feedback, sympathy, and a well-aimed kick in the rear.

But if Terry Prachett, Neil Gaiman, Jennifer Cruisie, Joss Whedon, or Clark Gregg ever wanted to have coffee and talk about writing satire, magic, intelligent humor, comic books, and scripts, I wouldn’t say no.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to say anything for a couple of minutes, though I’d hope the high-pitched, sustained squeals and the death grip I’d have on the hand I was shaking might adequately convey my polite acceptance.


Do you believe in writer’s block? If you get it, how do you overcome it?

I don’t believe in writer’s block.  I believe in writer’s blah.

Sometimes, it’s caused by trying to write a project that isn’t ready yet, so I have to put it in my Someday folder.

Sometimes, it’s because I’m writing the right project,  but in the wrong way, so I have to stop slamming my head against a scene and pick another one that may actually fix the previous problem.

Sometimes I’m bored with what I’m working on, so I have to switch to another project for  a day, or even just a couple of paragraphs of nothing important (see third question above).

Sometimes, I’m overwhelmed at the workload and underwhelmed at my abilities, so I need to go kvetch at a friend for a while (see fifth question above).

Sometimes, writing isn’t what I need to be doing and pushing it—because a Real Writer™ is supposed to work through the blahs like a literary Marine—will only make things worse.  So I take a day off and watch a movie or read all day or do anything but writing, but on purpose.

So far, so good.


Tell us a good thing that happened to you today.

I wrote/am writing most of this Sunday evening, so today I read Calvin & Hobbes with my six-year old, while my eleven-year old pretended she wasn’t listening, but couldn’t resist coming in on all the punch lines.  When Sunny couldn’t sound out a word, we substituted “penguin”.

We laughed like howler monkeys and then made popcorn.


What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Trip over the cat on the way to the bathroom.


What’s your most listened to song?

Every time I’ve turned the radio on in the car over the past three weeks, I’ve heard “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo at least once, but that’s probably not what’s being asked.

I did a post last week on the playlist I’m using for one of my current projects that’s probably a better answer.

But I’ve also been on an Apocalyptica kick lately—this one has been on constant replay.  Don’t ask me why.


Who would play you in the movie of your life? 

Janeane Garofalo, but only if I get to write the script.

If we’re working off reality someone else’s script, probably Fozzie Bear in drag.

Fozzie Bear


What would the title of your autobiography be?

“She Tested Well.. . “


4. Provide 11 random facts about myself .

Please pick eleven random posts from the archive.  That ought to do it.

5. Nominate a few of your favorite bloggers for the award and provide eleven questions for them to answer.

I figure I can’t nominate people for this award if I can’t actually accept it.

But if you’re interested in some great bloggers and writers, check out my blogroll—and also the list over at Weekend Writing Warriors.

And if any of you would like to give these questions a try, go for it and let me know, please.

6. List these rules in my post.


So . . . Was it good for you?


*And I DO count them.  Heaven help me, I do.

**If you’re my boss, I only do this on breaks and lunch, cross my heart and hope to avoid a pink slip.

***Under normal circumstances, I wake up around three-thirty with pillow marks on my face.