Random Thursday: Ninja Banjos, Mispronunciations, and Serious Roughage

Random Thursday (ˈrandəm ˈTHərzdā): the day on which Sarah plunks down all the odd bits and pieces she’s been sent by friends or has otherwise stumbled upon this week in an effort to avoid writing a real post, the assembly of which usually ends up taking twice as much time as sitting down and creating actual content.

It’s been brought to my attention that true “Random” Thursdays probably wouldn’t have related elements.



Seems Legit

Baby Wombat

One out of one Sunny Ninjas agree, in case you were wondering.

Sunny Ninja

My husband texted me this picture, with the caption,
“Nobody better take her stuff.”

My reply:
“No one can find her stuff in that room.”

His reply:
“Ninja Stuff!”

Fair enough.



If you haven’t subscribed to Anglophenia, yet, be warned:
I have no intention of letting up until you do.

Siobhan Thomson explores the idiosyncrasies of Britain,
while occasionally poking fun at Americans
in a way that makes us totally agree with her.

It’s a gift.


For those who really want to know:

You’re welcome.


Knittin’ Broccoli

Broccoli knits

Click for the pattern! It’s on Ravelry! What a shocker!

I think we’ve probably established by now that I enjoy the thought of knitting things
more than I ever actually take the time to prove
that I’ve enjoyed having knitted them.
And I don’t like I-cord.

But I feel an intense need to knit up a head of these
and perhaps give them out for Christmas.

Try to act surprised.


Poor Wandering Banjos and a Smug Pianist

Since Boston in smothered in snow,

have two Smothers Brothers and the Boston Pops.

(Hang on until 2:46.  You will be rewarded.)

If you’re wondering if you missed the banjos, you did.
Because they’re NINJAS.


Random Thursday: Libraries Gone Wild!

People send me the best library stuff!


The Confusing Library

The Two Ronnies, being Ronnieful.  In a library.


(Thanks, Patrick!  You’re right—no Anglophile  worth the name should miss the Ronnies!)


A Shanghaied Library—in Shanghai!

My dear friend firstmausi went to China with her family a few weeks ago, and took these photos especially for me:

A self-service kiosk library, right across from where they were staying.


She can’t tell me the scope of the collection, because they’re all in Mandarin, but I’m sure there’s a variety.


I might have been conflicted a bit at this point (Technology=cool!  Job Insecurity=bad!),
but the last image saved the day:

This young man, who presumably knows Mandarin, tried for five minutes to get a book out of this machine and couldn’t.

As firstmausi says, “You see, librarians are not replaceable!!!”


“I’ll Fight for the Library”

My husband thinks my laugh is twice as weird while I’m trying not to spray my keyboard
with the  ill-advised mouthful of iced tea I took while watching this.

So you might want to put down your glass (and be prepared to adjust the volume slightly).

The establishment is also not responsible for any damage done by enthusiastic, victory air-punches.

Told you.

(Thanks Jodie—you’re even cooler than advertised)


Speaking of Ninjas  . . . .

epic win photos - Library Camouflage WIN

We’re not hiding from you . . .
We’re hiding from the other patrons . . .

(Found this one myself . . .so to speak)

And Now, Another Classic Muppet Moment

Technically, this isn’t about a wild library,
but it does show two aliens going wild over a book,
and I just couldn’t pass it up:

I like the smell of books, myself, but I guess these guys don’t really have noses, anyway.

(Can’t remember who sent me this one . . . Kev?  The Muppet vids are usually yours?)

Random Thursday: Glass Engines of the Ninja Challenge . . . and some other stuff

Engineering can be beautiful

Janie and I kept wincing, sure this was going to break— but it didn’t.


Janie’s current favorite joke

What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?

A carrot.


This. Doesn’t. Suck.


Sunny’s current favorite joke

What’s brown and sticky?

A stick.


Even knowing what I know . . . I’d accept.



funny pictures history - Naughty Limericks

Don’t forget to write your limerick for this month’s Super Amazing Poetry Wednesday Contest!

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