Random Thursday: Rockin’ the Oobleck

Other people’s husbands send them flowers. Mine sends things like this:

funny puns - Both Crownies Were Charged

In his defense, he knows I prefer both crows and puns to roses.*

There doesn’t seem to be a specific number of crows in a murder,** but I did discover that another name for a flock of these birds is a storytelling.

A storytelling of crows . . .

I like that.


Joke of the Week
(as told by the twelve-year-old next door as he helped himself to a bucketful of acorns from our back patio)

Knock knock! How many chickens does it take to cross the road?

Three: One to stop the traffic, one to dart across, and one to answer the door.


Getting my Geek on:

Non-Newtonian fluids rock—literally.

This is even more mesmerizing than last week’s jello thing.

Plus, this particular fluid is called an oobleck—after Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss!

I know!


* Except in February, May, and June—though purple tulips are even better.

** “More than two” is the general assumption for any flock. There appears to be seven geese per gaggle, though I suspect that number came from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.