Random Thursday: Purple Skies, Baby Owls, and Lady Chatterly’s Leprechaun

Random Thursday (ˈrandəm ˈTHərzdā): the day on which Sarah plunks down all the odd bits and pieces she’s been sent by friends or has otherwise stumbled upon this week in an effort to avoid writing a real post, the assembly of which usually ends up taking twice as much time as sitting down and creating actual content.

Got felled with one of my blinding (and I mean that literally) migraines yesterday, and so spent the day in a nice quiet room sleeping off my meds and sipping nice, hot mugs of caffeine.

Possibly at the same time.  I don’t really remember.

But I’m feeling better today—a little dizzy, but that’s nothing new—and also very thankful for friends who have sent me so much stuff this month that I already had this post pretty much pre-assembled by the time I could bear to look at a screen again.

Thanks, guys!



Remember my Purple Elephant rant from a couple years ago?

Looks like I may have to break out the %&#$ double-pointed needles again.


This (these?) are Boo.

Boo’s pattern is on sale at the Mochimochi Land shop.

I don’t want to wrestle with a handful of small sticks for three hours
just trying to cast on, no matter how adoraboo
he/she/they is/are.

Maybe I should send the pattern to my friend Grace instead,
as a sort of self-serving holiday gift?

Gold Box

(Don’t tell her, Cha—let it be a surprise!)


A Short Physics Poem

Roses are red.
Chromaticity’s wavy.
That’s why the sky isn’t purple:
It’s gravy.



This is a good visual metaphor for how I’m piecemeal writing my Nanonovel this week . . .


 . . . except with plot elements and werewolves and swanmanes instead of kitties.

And some of the blocks would be hissing at each other and/or pointing guns.

Or threatening to take each other’s P.I. licenses away.

Or scent marking the lower levels.

Never mind.

(Thanks again, caitlin!)


Because Baby Owl

To misquote Robert A. Heinlein,

“Baby owls, like butterflies, need no excuse.”

Baby Owl

He actually said “little girls” instead of owls,
but in my experience, little girls seem to need a lot of excuses,
and tend to deliver them even before you’ve asked.

(Stolen from Paula’s FB feed—thanks, Paula!)


Troll of the D’urbervilles

My friend Siobhan sent me the link to this video, with the subject heading:

“Guess I can’t give you any more crap about the wereduck thing.”

No, Vannie. No, you can’t.


Random Thursday: Fame, Farcicalities, and Caffeinated Owls

Random Thursday (ˈrandəm ˈTHərzdā): the day on which Sarah plunks down all the odd bits and pieces she’s been sent by friends or has otherwise stumbled upon in an effort to avoid writing a real post, the assembly of which usually ends up taking twice as much time as sitting down and creating actual content.

This week has been surreal and I like to share.


How to Handle Being Freshly Pressed

1. Giggle wildly and dance around showing everyone the huge stat spikes in your bar graph and the hourly jumps in your comments and followers.  Ignore all those who blink and say, “Oh.  You have a blog?”

2. Clear the notifications out of your inbox on an hourly basis and hope you haven’t deleted anything that needs an immediate response, or indeed, any response.*

3. Hope that a few of the new people will stick around once they discover what really goes on around here.**

4. Repeat the following as needed:


Goes without saying, really . . .


The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

A retractable leash + a binder clip + a suction cup hook =

Book Sproing!

No more drowned books!

Watson (my SIL) said she saw this and thought immediately of me.  Can’t imagine why.

I showed my husband and he said, “That’s silly . . . You don’t take baths any more.”

Well, no.  But make me one of these, throw in a working lock on the door and help me corral all the toys and find bubble bath that doesn’t smell like Dora the Explorer*** and I might consider it . . .


Smooth like Iron

This one goes out to all the other Marvel nerds and, I guess, Justin Timberlake fans.

I promise there aren’t any spoilers . . . or not any more than the trailers.

But you’ve already seen the movie anyway, right?


The brilliant wekejay has other mash-ups, if you’re interested—Batman Maybe  had me rolling.

(what do you think, Jalisa?  Better than the original?)


 Because I Like Owls and I Live Caffeine

Caff Owls

Though I’m thinking that first one looks far too cheerful and, you know, alive.


Another Mother’s Day Idea

Or at least the best car commercial I’ve ever seen.

And I once viewed over twenty collective minutes of Benedict Cumberbatch shilling^ for Jaguar.

Yeah, okay . . . Twice.

But this one still wins, for obvious reasons:

Sheer. Trekkie. Awesome.


*If I haven’t responded to something you sent to me between Tuesday and today, please forgive me and send it again—if you sent it before that, I’ll find another excuse and get back to you . . . probably.

** Though if Poetry Wednesday didn’t send the numbers plummeting, you’re probably as close to bulletproof as you can be.

***Coconut, apparently.  Yeah, I don’t know, either.

^Although, since it’s Mr. Cumberbatch, one should really use a lower-pitched verb. To properly shill, you really need to be a tenor . . .

Random Thursday: God Particles, Parenting, and Random Owls

Are explanations really necessary at this point?  ‘Cause I’m fresh out.


I Feel So Much Better Now

funny science news experiments memes - Fake Science: Not Actually Fake...

The rumor is that  physicist Leon Lederman, who wrote a book about  the Higgs Boson and other complicated stuff, had originally called the wee beastie a ‘goddamn particle,’  presumably out of frustration, but his publisher made him change it.


Random Owl Moment

(sorry about the ad)

Show of hands:  Who wants to pet that owl?

Another show of hands:  Who wants to be that owl?


Phone Call from Six Flags

Sunny:  Hi, Mommy!

Me:  Hi, lovey!  What did you do today?

Sunny:  We went shopping!  I got a pink lifesaver.

Me:  Your grandma let you buy candy?*

Sunny:  No! It’s plastic and goes whoosh-whoosh!

Janie (in the background):  Light saber!

Sunny:  I mean, light saber.  And a tee shirt with big letters on it!

Me:  Really?  What does your tee shirt say?

Sunny:  I’m not sure—I can’t read yet, you know.


Another Random Owl(s) Moment

cute animals - Daily Squee: Owls and Owls and Owls and Owls

The eyes have it.  A lot of it.


Hey, guess who’s being featured on Parent du Jour?

Here’s your chance to comment on my parenting philosophy and dubious skills in a more public arena.

(thanks to Wayne Pollard for recommending me!)


Random The Owl Moment

“You’re doing owls today?  Wait a second—I’ve got something.”

I present to you the third issue of Daredevil, courtesy of Watson, who paid $140 for a 12¢ comic that the dealer priced at $175.

Could I have asked for a cooler SIL?  I think not.


Just in case that Higgs Boson thing is still bugging you

And since you can’t have a Part One without a Part Two:

And now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go celebrate the ability to not move by practicing that very thing.

Thanks, Higgs Boson!


* Please for to notice the difference between grandmothers and mothers:  when I was a kid, Mom would have been more likely to offer me rat poison than artificially colored/refinely sugared/nutritionally bereft  anything.  The only candies I was given were honey-sesame seed chews from the health food store—I liked them, but that’s beside the point.  Come to think of it, my grandmothers did fill in my educational gaps with bulls-eye caramels and fine quality chocolates—which kind of proves my point . . . Maybe?  I’ve lost track . . . do they sell bulls-eye caramels anymore?