Random Thursday: Inexplicable Loves and Too Many Puns

It’s Thursday! It’s Random! It’s Random Thursday!

Some of these might not be entirely inexplicable.

But the pun thing is true enough.


The Morbidity of Bathtime

Artist Eden Gorgos makes beautiful, skull-themed soaps that she hopes will remind us of the “brevity of life” and possibly also what cleanliness is next to,
though as she is also offering “Astral Goat Soap” as aKickstarter incentive, I shouldn’t presume.

She calls them “bath and body products for the morbid.”

That tickles me.  Don’t know why.


 And can I just say that the mere existence of Astral Goat Soap makes me inexplicable happy?

‘Cause it does.


Please Note the Time

Musical Clock

And syncopate your watches.


Yub Dub

By which I mean the 1983 version of Meco’s “Ewok Celebration” on a 45, with C3PO rap.

It took me a very long time to find this, so I could show it to Sunny,
who wanted to know why, in her new Darth Vader & Son book,
Luke was dancing to a record player (which she also didn’t understand)
that was blasting a “Yub Dub!” word bubble,
while Darth Vader tried to get him to listen to anything else.

There are plenty of versions on Youtube, but they were all the wrong one. Club mixes and orchestral things and even someone doing a banjo version.

That last one was actually pretty good.

But I accept no substitutes.

When I was thirteen, I played this record seventy-five times a day on a turntable with no headphones.

The moment I left for college, I’m pretty sure my mother destroyed it with a hammer, a blow torch, bleach, and burial on holy ground.

I’m sure Vader knows exactly how she felt.


Eyeing Private Puns

K.B. Spangler, creator of the weird, wonderful, and politically skewed webcomic Girl and her Fed, is throwing her old bonus Patreon comics onto her tumblr, Puns are Lazy Humor, where everyone can see ’em

Some are adorable, some are NSFW (find ’em yourself), some are not safe anywhere.

Most are the kind of puns that one applauds by groaning and *headdesking*,
though if dick jokes are also your thing, Ms. Spangler has you covered.
So to speak.

I like the Pun Noir, Private Eye series, myself.

Go figure.

Pun Noir Private Eye


So, SO Eighties . . . But . . .

I love this song.  I love this scene.

It’s not my very favorite—this one is—but it makes me happy.

I offer no excuses or apologies.

When are those ribbon barrettes coming back?

I used to rock those.


Random Thursday: Strange Sounds, Cool Bags, and Bad Puns

Random Thursday (ˈrandəm ˈTHərzdā): the day on which Sarah plunks down all the odd bits and pieces she’s been sent by friends or has otherwise stumbled upon in an effort to avoid writing a real post, the assembly of which usually ends up taking twice as much time as sitting down and creating actual content.

And here we go!


Enough Said

Especially inside.

Inside Voices!


Wait . . . Play it Again.  Cool!

I played this for three people.  This is exactly what they said, with some variation on the last exclamation.

See what exclamations you get!


One Purse to Rule Them All

One day last week, Watson found online instructions for turning books into purses.

She thought about it for a day or so, sent me a slightly disturbing e-mail about hot glue guns, made a supply trip to the craft store and the secondhand book shop . . .
then made this:

LoTR Bag

After we all asked her for one,* we mentioned how sad it was that she had to throw away the insides of the book.

She agreed.

But a few days ago, she found this:

Shipping a book

Hmmm . . .


Has Anyone Seen my Car Keys?

Car Keys

(the titles of these posts don’t lie, people)


It’s all in the Delivery

This vid is meant to accompany James Harbeck’s  brilliant article, “A linguistic dissection of 7 annoying teenage sounds.”

So go read it.

The next time I hear one of these, I’m going to be tempted to tell Janie to put more emphasis on the glottal fricative and try it again.

Except she probably would.  In front of her grandmother.


*I thought Sherlock Holmes for me, but considering my Bag of All Holding, Watson and my MIL thought the OED would be a better, pun totally intended, fit.  Jane asked for the dictionary, but she admitted she just wanted us to stop making her use it.

Random Thursday: Rockin’ the Oobleck

Other people’s husbands send them flowers. Mine sends things like this:

funny puns - Both Crownies Were Charged

In his defense, he knows I prefer both crows and puns to roses.*

There doesn’t seem to be a specific number of crows in a murder,** but I did discover that another name for a flock of these birds is a storytelling.

A storytelling of crows . . .

I like that.


Joke of the Week
(as told by the twelve-year-old next door as he helped himself to a bucketful of acorns from our back patio)

Knock knock! How many chickens does it take to cross the road?

Three: One to stop the traffic, one to dart across, and one to answer the door.


Getting my Geek on:

Non-Newtonian fluids rock—literally.

This is even more mesmerizing than last week’s jello thing.

Plus, this particular fluid is called an oobleck—after Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss!

I know!


* Except in February, May, and June—though purple tulips are even better.

** “More than two” is the general assumption for any flock. There appears to be seven geese per gaggle, though I suspect that number came from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.