Random Thursday: Frozen Language, Nostalgic Earworms, and a Guilt-Ridden Time Suck

Random Thursday (ˈrandəm ˈTHərzdā): the day on which Sarah plunks down all the odd bits and pieces she’s been sent by friends or has otherwise stumbled upon this week in an effort to avoid writing a real post, the assembly of which usually ends up taking twice as much time as sitting down and creating actual content.

Is it just me, or has this week had nine days in it since Monday?  


Happy Flappies

I saw a lawn dolphin pawsing for tree eggs today.  It was scroovy.


La det gå

Unless you’ve been under a sizeable rock with no children or YouTube, you’ve heard that one song from Frozen.

More. Than.  Once.

Here it is again. But different.

This kids and I have decided we’d like to hear the whole thing in a Japanese version, a Serbian version, a Russian version, a Norwegian version, a Danish version, and in Flemish.

No rush, Disney.

And if you’d like to hear how I might sing it, after a decade or two of training and a larynx transplant,
There’s an alto parody, too.
(watch out for the kind of language I’d definitely use, too, if I ever tried it)


My GrandBoo

After some careful thought, and the surprising discovery that all her friends actually did have one, we bought Jane a iPod for her birthday, ostensibly so she could text and Face Time them through our WiFi.

She owned it for two glorious, giddy days before we grounded her and took it away for a week.

Unfortunately, she’d already adopted a gumdrop downloaded a virtual pet app called My Boo.

My boo

I’d passworded her in so she could get it from the iStore, but I didn’t think anything of it until the third day, when I plugged the iPod in and this whimper came out of the speaker.  When I slid open the screen,  messages started popping up.

I want to play!

I’m hungry!

I’m dirty and need a bath!

I’m so lonely!  Where are you?

Don’t you love me anymore?

>cough . . . . wheeze<

I opened the app.  I shouldn’t have opened the app. 

It was so . . . I’ve never in my life seen . . . I couldn’t just . . . PETe-A would have flamed our accounts and broken in to free our router.

So I washed the pathetic little blob and fed it and played about a million mini games to fill up its little hollow heart . . . for four days.

What was I gonna do?  Let it suffer?

When Jane was allowed to have the iPod back, I unlocked it for her.


“C’mon, Mom!  Gimme!” she said.  “My poor Boo must be starving to death . . .  Wait—how did I get to level twenty-two?  And why do I have seven thousand coins?”

“I have no idea,” I said.  “Go play in your room until bedtime.  But don’t just feed her cupcakes if she gets hungry—you have the money for sushi now, feed her sushi.  And have her back in her charger by nine, you hear me?”

“Right . . .” she said, walking away before I could tell her to leave the bubblegum game on pause—I’d just figured out how to foil those stupid bees . . .


Old Favorite, New Style

Here’s a nostalgic, acapella earworm for those of you who grew up on Sesame Street.

I guarantee you’ll be counting in tune for the rest of the week.

You’re welcome!

Go ahead and click on the C is for Cookie/Rubber Ducky Mashup at the end–
you know you want to!


Random Thursday: Like Gas Through a Unicorn, so are the Days of Our Lives . . .

It’s Random Thursday!

Have some Random!


You Count

Well, technically, he Count . . .

 . . . . but you do, too.  Yes, you do!


I Still Got It

Jane rushed into the kitchen, where I was playing Tetris with our dishwasher  and skidded to a halt .  “Mom! Mom! Mom! Can we watch TV?”

“Sure,” I said, wedging in a glass.  “Just don’t turn it on, okay?”

Television set for Wikipedia userbox icons, or...

“Okay!  Thanks!”  She rushed away.

My husband stared grinning.  “Did she hear what you—“

“Wait for it.”

One . . . two . . . three . . .

“Wait, what?  Mo-OMMM!!!”


For Lyra

She knows why . . .

Unicorn Farts

 . . . or I hope so, because if she doesn’t, I have some explaining to do . . .


The City of Wessonville

I brought home a Powerpuff Girls DVD from the library last week for Jane, who had seen a lunchbox or something and wanted to know more about them.

For those of you who have no idea what a Powerpuff Girl might be when she’s at home, here’s the deal:

Yeah, I know, but it’s oddly addictive.

Jane  liked them, but it’s Sunny who became an instant, rabid fan.

Last night, I told her the DVD needed a break, so she played in her room.  I heard growling at one point, so I checked:

mojo jojo

“What are you playing?”

“Powerpuffs.  Bubbles is fighting Mojo Jojo.”

“Is Bubbles winning?” I asked, thinking that there was some resemblance.

“No, I am,” she said, striking a pose.  “For I am MOOOOJO JOJO!!”

Okay, then.


Mission Totally Possible

Anyone remember Cello Wars?

The Piano Guys—and Lindsey Stirling—take on my favorite theme song of all time:


Random Thursday: Vegetating

Welcome to the vegetarian edition of  Random Thursday.

I’m as surprised as you are.


Wah-OOOOO! I love to Chewwwww!

First off, an earworm from those surrealists over at the Dinosaur Train:

You’re welcome!


Brilliant . . . but just not the same

epic win photos - Vegetable WIN


Tuber Tune!

Cha-Cha found us an acapella spud song—and it’s really good.


Botany vs. Psychology

Me: What veggies should we have for dinner tonight?

Sunny: Cupcakes!

Me: A cupcake isn’t a vegetable.  Sorry.

Sunny: Cookies?

Me: Cookies aren’t vegetables, either.

Janie (looking up from her homework): Chocolate is a vegetable.  What?  It’s made from beans.

Me:   Technically true, but–

Sunny:  It is?  Like jelly beans?

Me: Not really.  They’re sort of seed pods and—

Sunny (bouncing up and down in excitement):  Can we have choclit beans for dinner, Mommy?  Can we, can we?

Me:  Sorry, sweetie.  We don’t have any.

Sunny:  But I want them, Mommy.  Call Daddy to buy some.

Me:  Daddy doesn’t want to drive to South America for beans.

Sunny:  You can ask him.

Me: Thanks, Jane.

Janie:  You’re welcome!

My MIL: We could always have carrots.

Sunny:  I don’t like carrots.

My MIL:  I always put a little sugar in them, when I make them.

Sunny: Oooo! I like carrots!

Janie: Can we put maple syrup in them instead?

My Mil: No.

Me: You know . . . that doesn’t sound half—

My Mil: No.


John Leguizamo  . . .  IS Captain Vegetable

Love how he makes this role his own . . .


Couch Potato!

epic win photos - Bean Bag Chair WIN

Any questions?


Vegetable Orchestra

This one is so absolutely amazing, you’re going to forgive me for the Dinosaur earworm. Guaranteed.