Totally SHIELDed


There will be no post today because the blogger is too busy fangirling—fanwomaning?—and counting the seconds until seven p.m. CST.


Are you joking?

Agents of SHIELD

For those of you who haven’t paid much attention to any of my casual references to the show for the past several months, here’s a trailer:

And another example of the advertising power ABC and Marvel Studios are putting behind this show:

Agent of the Year

And at least one member of  Joss Whedon’s Star Power Stable™ who’s making a cameo:

Ron Glass- AoS!


From  Firefly! And Serenity!  And Barney Miller!

And now I’m dating myself.

But I don’t care!  Because it’s RON GLASS!!

Not convinced?  Really?

Try a different trailer:

And an interview that would have made me want to try the first episode, even if I’d never heard of Marvel, simply because of the comfort levels and chemistry of the actors:

Am I being just a tad . . . intense about a television program?

Could be.

But the only programs that have played on our television in the ten months since Leverage ended
have been for kids or sports fans.

And while I haven’t really missed it, this show seems like an excellent reason to tune into something  a little closer to my demographic.

And just a bit closer to my heart.

Coulson Lives!

Join me?


Happy Leverage Day!

The third season of Leverage premeires tonight on TNT!

Why do I love this show so much that I’ve checked the DVR three times to make absolutely sure I won’t have to wait a single second longer than necessary to get my fix once the kids are in bed?

It’s fun, it’s clever, it’s got snappy dialogue and cool stuff and great people . . . it works.

If I were to sum it up—and I had the talent and software to put clips to music, which I don’t—I would say this:

(Yes, that was Wil Wheaton as the Evil Hacker)

And this:

Oh, and Happy Father’s Day, too.