A Randomly Mathematical Thanksgiving Thursday

It’s Random Thursday time again, even though the little map on my stats page suggests that most of you probably won’t be reading this until Friday, what with all the cooking and carbo-loading and the tryptophan overdosing and dishwashing and so forth.

But that’s okay, since this post isn’t going to be all that random, either.

Jane, my ten-year old, who is addicted to the Youtube offerings of mathemusician Vihart,* showed me this video a couple of days ago:

“That’s perfect!” I said.  “Does she have any side dishes?”

“Sure,” she said, clicking. “There’s Mathed Potatoes . . . ”

” . . . Or a Green Bean Matherole.”

“Wow,” I said. “Let me guess–Pi for dessert?”

“Well . . . Yeah, but that one gets really complicated. I want tau, instead.”

“What’s tau?” I asked, having passed trig by the grace of an extremely generous bell curve.

She grinned.  “TWO pi.”

Tau Pie


*And ASAPScience, MinutePhysics, and, unfortunately, Myfroggystuff, because she likes math and science, but her heart and piggy bank belong to the American Girl® Company.


Random Thursday: Magic Lamps, Pythagoras, and my New Favorite Reader

Random Thursday: the day when Sarah saves up all the weird wacky things that people have sent her and shares them in lieu of writing an actual post.



You know that adorable Pixar, Jr.  lamp?  Someone built one for a class project.

Yeah, my kids don’t like to go to bed, either . . .


“Hey, where’s Sunny?”

We have a Reader!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a READER.

Repeat, we have a READER.


Why Characters Can’t Be TOO Savvy:

Alternate title: Pay No Attention to the Gratuitous Plot Complication Behind the Curtain . . .


Quick Mug Shot!

Mike A (not S, for which I have no excuse) has chosen his mug for winning the Chrishanukwanzmadanfestivus* poetry contest!

Vintage Writer

Excellent choice!



Since Saturday’s introduction of Vi Hart’s  mathematical slam poetry, Janie has gone through almost all of them.

This is her favorite.  Seriously.  She quotes it—all the time—and not just the leguminophobic** stuff, either:


*And next time I hold a contest, would someone please remind me to stop being cutesy and name the thing something I can actually spell the same way twice?  Sheesh . . .

*I guessed this one before I looked it up—the spelling was off (surprise!), but I’m still awarding myself half a point for the phonetics of the thing.