We are experiencing technical difficulties and severe webdrawl symptoms–please stand by and send chocolate

Or, rather, a small connector outside our house has expired and needs to be replaced.

It was more of a shock that it probably should have been, to come home last night and be told that there would be no way to go online  until Friday.


I actually think my hands began to shake and I know I checked more than once* to make sure that little connector wouldn’t fire up just one more time, for mama.  And to see if there were any free WiFi signals floating about the neighborhood.  But Panera Bread and the library are out of reach, and all my neighbors are far too security-minded.  Drat them.

Once I settled down, I tried to see this as a sort of an involuntary Freedom program—and I did manage about 800 words before bedtime.  So there’s that.

Still sucks though.  And I can feel the webdrawl spiders making my thumbs twitch . . .

The company says they’ll get to us earlier if they can.  Meanwhile, I’ll be doing my best to keep up on my work breaks, but please forgive my sporadic posts and comments.


*With the desperation of a starving lab rat hitting a feeder bar.