Flashing the Symphony to Ravel’s Bolero

Note the bassoonist strolling up at the thirty second mark. I don’t know how they managed to casually add the harp.

So much better than two hundred people trying to do the Macarena, wouldn’t you say?

10 thoughts on “Flashing the Symphony to Ravel’s Bolero

  1. That was wonderful. I’d love to see something like that out of the blue. I love the way they disappeared as quickly as they came – some of the audience were still standing there like ‘did that just happen?’ 🙂

  2. That made me cry for some odd reason. The part where they call come in together. . . .

    One of the things I’m most looking forward to about the possibility of moving to Seattle (not getting excited, NOT getting excited) is the chance to see a symphony orchestra in person for the first time. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

    Thanks for this, Sarah. Sniff.

    • That’s the one I mentioned a few comments up! This is probably me favorite ever—it’s one of my favorite choral pieces and the idea of people just standing up and joining in is fantastic.

      Wish I could sing . . . I can carry a tune in a bucket, but it’s best for all concerned if that’s where it stays.

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