4 thoughts on “I’m Real Gone

  1. Enjoy your vacation. I’m sure you’l squeeze some relaxation in. 😉 Great song, by the way. As far as my favorite traveling music: lately, Alt-J has been fantastic. If you get bored “Tesselate” and “Fitzpleasure” are fun.

    • I am, and I’m trying, though the mosquitos seem intent on draining us all!

      Alt-J. . . Once I can get full Internet access, I’ll go hunting! I knew you would have a suggestion or two, Lisa! 🙂

  2. I’m kind of old school with the driving tunes: ‘On the Road Again’ (Willie Nelson), ‘Drivin’ my Life Away’ (Eddie Rabbit) & of course, ‘I Can’t Drive 55’ (Sammy Hagar). Otherwise, I just listen to what ever I’m in the mood for.
    Hope those mosquitoes don’t carry anyone off .

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