Psst: booksecret!

Are you a library employee who likes recommending books?

Are you someone who likes book recommendations, from people who know from books?

Are you someone who likes to look at images of librarians holding books?

Are yo—wait, really? Um. Okay. . .

I’m going to let you—yes, even you—in on a little secret that I don’t want you to keep:


Several of my favorite  library people have just issued a challenge to everyone in the world who works in any kind of library to sing the praises of their favorite books—in seven words or less.  And they’re putting the results up where everyone can see ’em.

A literary Time Suck—how could I resist? works as a free reader’s advisory and a great (free) way for libraries to show how awesome their people are.

The photos and recommendations of library staff (and one library dog) from all over are already going up and I’m told readers are starting to (ahem) check them out.

I might be in there somewhere, myself. . .

This is a fun, easy way to get the word(s) out about our favorite books and to learn a little about a lot of other people’s favorite reads.

And to see images of librarians holding books.  If you’re into that.

Go take a look. If you think it’s as cool as I do, please help me spread this secret around.

If you work in a library, please send in your seven words and image  and nag your co-workers into doing the same. If you don’t, please encourage your local library—public, academic, corporate, presidential, whatever—to join in.

Good books shouldn’t be kept a secret!

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