Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Puppies)

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Two weeks ago, Rhombeck, the leader of the Talbot City wolfpack and CEO of the pack’s corporation, said that he wanted to give up his position because Susan, his human administrative assistant, is pregnant.

Rhombeck thinks his cousin (and our wereduck hero Tom’s adopted brother) Bryan would make a good choice to take over.

Susan and Tom still think he’s being hasty about quitting:


“If I don’t step down, they’ll put me down—it’s possible they won’t wait for an official challenge,” Rhombeck told her,   “and there’s no question that they’ll come after you to get to me; I can’t risk that.”

“Who’re they?” I asked.

Rhombeck held up fingers, one by one. “People who hate my family, or humans, or the corporation, or me.”

“Disgruntled ex-girlfriends,” Susan said.

Opportunists,  specieists, rabble rousers, traditionalists, competitors,” Rhombeck said, ignoring her. “Take your choice.”

“I don’t suppose artificial insemination would be an acceptable solution?” I asked. “I can think of eight or nine ladies who would love to be your purebred puppymama.”

Susan snorted and raised her eyebrow at Rhombeck.


Maybe I went too far.  Did I go too far?


41 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Puppies)

  1. I officially love Susan! Nothing fazes her. Which is good, because it sounds like they have enemies aplenty.

    “artificial insemination” was my first spoken phrase as a wee one. My parents were THRILLED! (I grew up on a farm, so I must have heard it a lot)

    • It’s kind of her defense mechanism, but our library’s admin assistant is the same way. You tell her a problem, she thinks about it for a second, then tells you how to fix it. 🙂

      I think my first phrase was more monosyllabic, but I made up for that later. 😀

  2. Great scene. You had be chuckling. Love how he didn’t exactly agree with Susan about the disgruntle ex-girlfriends, but just went on to name other who would be out to get him. lol
    Puppymama– cute.

  3. I officially am a fan of Susan. I think I know who the alpha in that household is and I’m pretty sure it’s not Rhombeck because she’s not the sort to put up with his crap. (She’s a lot like my aunt of the same name, actually.)

    • I’m a fan of her, too, except she wasn’t supposed to be this important to the storyline, darn it. 🙂

      (What is it about Susans? They’re all made out of solid awesome.)

    • To the worst detractors, this would downgrade Susan and her baby to an indiscretion and prove that Rhombeck was putting his responsibilities to the pack first. Of course, it wouldn’t be that easy, really . . .

      And yeah, there are enough family dynamics milling about already. 🙂

  4. Puppymama is a winner! I like Susan. I think he’s being unrealistic because he’s not going to like having someone else be an alpha, even if he does pick his own successor. Interesting tangle of problems here! As always, enjoyed the snippet.

  5. Ok, I’m lost. She is human and pregnant, so he wants to step down because otherwise they’ll kill him, official challenge or not. Love her insertion of the ex-girlfriends, but why would artificial insemination help? So Rhombeck has a pure wolf child? Would that get them off his back?
    Great dialogue and energy in the snippet.

    • Rhombeck is panicking a little because of his past, but his relationship would certainly cause an uproar. He’s hoping to control the damage before it hurts the pack, but he truly loves Susan, so . . .

      Tom is honestly just brainstorming, here, and being a wiseass, but having a “legitimate” heir would give Rhombeck’s enemies less of a culturally understandable reason to mess with him. at least in the first draft. 😉

  6. LOL! I love Susan already as a character. I love how she throws in “disgruntled ex-girlfriends” and her reaction to the puppymama comment. That is golden, by the way. Great snippet!

  7. Between disgruntled ex’s and the purists, there could be a lot of danger when they find out that a human is going to be his puppymama (love that term!)

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