Random Thursday: An Assortment of Super Stuff

It’s Thursday!  It’s Random! It’s Random Thursday!

Seem that when you out yourself as a big ‘ol Marvel-loving nerd, people send you superhero stuff. 

Who knew?


Princess Power


Sunny said Princess America was the prettiest, but Jane said Princess Man had the best dress.

We all agreed that Captain Aurora looked like she could beat up the most bad guys.  Maybe it’s the stance?

I’m personally just a tad envious of Iron Belle’s thighs .  . .

(Four people sent me this—I love you guys!)


“The extraordinary person in the ordinary circumstance”

grrl power

Speaking of Awesome Time Sucks, and it wouldn’t be a Thursday around here if I didn’t, I’m completely hooked on Grrl Power, the weird and wonderful webcomic brainchild of  David Barrack.

The story so far has revolved around Sydney, a scrawny übernerdette with delusions of might and fury* that, against all reasonable odds, she can actually back up.  More or less.

Armed with a ping-pong ball of a brain, incredible chutzpah,  and a mysterious case of even more mysterious floating orbs, she is currently in the process of being assimilated into a team of slightly more standard superheroes.**

But I have a feeling it’s going to end up the other way around . . .

If that doesn’t sell you, here’s what Mr. Barrack has to say about why he’s doing this particular comic.

To me, the most memorable moments in comics and shows are the scenes with amusing character interaction, you know the issue the X-men spend playing baseball, or the moments where you see the ice queen warming up to the underdog nerd character, or the scene that establishes that two tertiary characters have a buddy cop thing going. I find that’s the stuff I remember and enjoy the most, not what villain they fought that episode. If Wolverine fights Sabertooth for the 47th time, who really cares? But if the artist draws him drinking a Strawberry Yoohoo afterwards, that’s the sort of thing that people remember.

I wanted a comic that focuses mostly on those interstitial scenes I enjoy so much. So the comic is largely “day in the life” It is still a superhero comic though, and there will be some fighting of course but I suspect that any fighting Sydney gets involved in will be a little more slapstick than you’d normally get.

What are you waiting for?  Go grab a Strawberry YooHoo*** and check it out!^

(Thanks, Rochelle!)


Archers We Love and Respect

Archers We love

Methinks, lords and ladies, you have all been served.

By a man in tight tights.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

(via Watson—who else?)


Super Little Library

Little libraries are random and super, so it fits, okay?

And Nolita, New York, knows how to do ’em right:

Nolita NY Little Library

Is it wrong to imagine Superman using it for a quick change?

Yeah, I know, rhetorical, sorry . . .

(Who sent me this?  Did I find this on my own?  When did I have time?)


Adam WarRock Rocks

Adam Warrock, musician and comic book aficionado, wrote an ode to female superheroes a few years back—he’s a serious fan of Jubilee, by the way.

When he heard negative comments about Brian Wood’s new all-female team in X-men #1, he rewrote the lyrics to promote as many female supers as possible.

If you like it, the download link is available here on The Mary Sue, which is also one of my favorite amazing places.  The lyrics are posted there, too.



*The first thing I thought of when I saw her in action was the time my six-year old balled her fists and said, “Feel my tiny wrath!!” in her fiercest helium squirrel voice.  Bemusement, yes.  Intimidation . . . no.

**Not that they and their powers aren’t unique—they are.  But when you look at them, you think “superheroes.”  When you look at Sydney, you think “Ritalin dosage?”

***Or don’t.  Yuck.

^I will warn you to look through it a bit before you hand it off to your kids so you know if it and your House Rules match up.  There’s no nudity, per se, but there are still a lot of superheroes in very tight Lycra and discussions of same.  Plus, as Mr. Barrack admits, Sydney has a mouth on her.


9 thoughts on “Random Thursday: An Assortment of Super Stuff

  1. Well, I pretty much like everything you featured here today! Best Random Thursday ever! As far Brian Wood’s all female cast, I was super psyched when I heard about it a couple weeks ago. I’m sad that people are responding negatively, but such is the battle. Glad that we’ve got such vocal soldiers as Adam Warrock to fight the good fight. And yourself, of course. Pretty sure there’s no better warrior than a smart as hell, tough as nails, caring as all get out author by all times, librarian by day blogger. Whoo. See? Thanks for this.

    • Because we have a bond, Lisa.

      It’s a strange bond, based on snoring and music sororities and bridesmaid dresses and Proctor tables and melting car engines and Skyline chili and extremely bad boyfriends and a mutual love of badass underdogs and monologuing. . . but ’tis a bond nonetheless.

      Plus, dude, Grrl Power was practically written for you. 😀

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