Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Rockefeller)

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This is another bit from a different conversation Jack and Viv are having during one of their frequent coffeekvetch sessions, as they attempt to stay sane while trying to help plan their respective siblings’ idea of The Perfect Wedding.

But Viv has dreams of her own . . .

Infamous In N Out View at LAX

“So, what’s your dream wedding?” he asked.

“Two tickets to Vegas.”

“That’s it?”  In Jack’s experience, all women expected  at least a little special treatment on their Big Day—and by “little”, most of them meant “all of it”.

“Well,” Viv said, lifting her mug, “two first class tickets.”

“Hold on there, Rockefeller.”

“Hey, my sister dropped two thousand dollars on a dress she’s going to wear once and over seven-fifty on cake—at least the tickets would be round trip.”

“Fair enough.”



My wedding was somewhere between Kirsten’s dream and Viv’s—with a lower budget—but when I was a kid, I never dreamed much past the cake, anyway.

That actually explains a lot . . .


Image courtesy of InSapphoWeTrust, under Creative Commons license, found via Wikimedia Commons.


44 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Rockefeller)

  1. I wanted a hippie backyard wedding, but our backyard was far too small. And then it turns out it is expensive to feed people, even on the cheap. And everyone tries to give you the “it’s your special day” line to encourage you to spend more or to be more individual. The food ended up being delicious, but I was thisclose to ordering pizza for everyone. (Five whole sentences about my wedding, and they were mostly about food. This also explains a lot.)

    • She thinks weddings should be about two people, not everyone else.

      Personally, I’d want family there, but I don’t have Viv’s family, so . . .

      Thanks, Veronica!

  2. Delightful fun dialogue. I love this eight.

    As for me-a home wedding, lights blew out, the Edison Company came and restored it. I bathed by candlelight after a long flight back with my sweetheart where we had a justice of the peace ceremony at the Air Force Base in San Antonio. Lights on, ceremony began at midnight. Oh what a night. 37 years later he died suddenly.

    Thanks for sharing, gang.

  3. I’m with Viv. Seems like too many people buy into the hype, as if the wedding is more about cake, decorations, and dress–than the fact that you are *marrying* someone.

    But I can’t imagine too many people have families that would be okay with Vegas…

    • My thought is, if the family is paying for it, they get a say. If not, then not.

      And they can always hold a family reunion/reception later . . . much later! 🙂

  4. “Hold on there, Rockefeller.” Lol! Now that I’ve lived through the big wedding, I see the appeal of going Vegas and 1st class. Yes, I’m in. Fun snippet. 🙂

  5. Viv is so much fun, but I wanted more of a traditional wedding. My husband and I have been married for 40 years, and I still remember how it felt to see him standing at that altar waiting for me.

  6. Good dialogue writing. She does raise some good points. I think every bride should have a day they can look back on and smile at the memory, whether it’s simple or lavish. I understand though…if you’ve been involved in planning more than a couple weddings, Vegas is sooooooo tempting. I think most readers can relate to this snippet for just that reason. Nicely done!

    • Thanks Teresa!

      I told my kids that if they opted to elope, I’d buy them a huge cake instead. Since they’re 7 and 11, they accepted. We’ll see how they modify terms later. 😀

  7. Love the feel & the sharp dialogue. You did put Eddie Money’s tune, “Two Tickets to Paradise”, into my head, but I like that song so as long as it goes away soon it’s all good.

  8. I recently did a magazine story about weddings and was gobsmacked to learn that that average Manhattan wedding costs $76,000! That’s a lot of first class plane tickets.

    With every eight sentences, I find myself loving Viv a little more. Well done. my friend.

  9. My wedding went off without a flaw, except I had laryngitis and couldn’t say my vows. Should have been a sign.

    As you know, I LOVE this story idea. Cannot wait to read the whole thing.

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