In which my day is made:

Have you thanked a librarian today?  Because we like it.  A lot.


18 thoughts on “In which my day is made:

  1. The first thing I do when we enter our library is let out a deep exhale, kneel down and kiss the floor, and tell our librarians how grateful I am for their existence; however, you’ve given me more to consider. Perhaps something in writing would be better received.

    And, may I just say, from the bottom of my heart, you make my world possible. Thank you!

    • Oh, wow. Are there any job openings at your library?

      Writing is good. Chocolate is better. XD

      And seriously, on behalf of all librarians, thank you!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mrs. Wesson :).
    Like MSB, I have a silent moment of gratitude every single time I enter my library. I simply cannot imagine life without libraries. But you know what, I don’t think I’ve ever let the librarians know how much I appreciate them (other than a basic thank you when they help me locate something I’m looking for). A heartfelt thank you is way overdue.

  3. The other night I pulled up your website to show the kids “Gumball Wars”. The three of them crowding in front, thinking it was the best thing ever. They wanted to know if Pixar had new shorts coming out and I said, no, actually this is one of my writer friend’s website. She’s a librarian too, I added knowing my auduence. I kid you not, they stared at me as if I said you were Lady Gaga. The middle kid said, that is so cool as they all nodded in appreciation.

    It’s cool to know the lady with the keys to the books…

    • Yet another sign that you’re an excellent mother!

      Um, oculd your kids talk to my kids? Because mine are somewhat less than impressed—I get the feeling I’m lowering the general cool of the profession for them.

      • Um, you want my kids to talk to your kids? My middle boy who tried the “When I said weiner, I was talking about a hot dog, Mommy!”, all the while the other two are egging him on by laughing hysterically?

        You may want to rethink that…

  4. very sweet.

    this week, i was in the chidren’s room at the same library where i’ve been going since i was a child and my favorite librarian from when i was very little knew me right away. i got to introduce my kiddos and tell her how much i appreciated her through the years. it was a very full-circle moment. of course, my daughter wasn’t quite as moved, but waited patiently to ask if she had any Tangled books available.

    • That’s great, amy!

      And how great it is that your favorite librarian is around to be taken for granted by another generation, who may be able to introduce her to their children in time? 😉

  5. You’re my favorite librarian–not only do you represent, you do it well! And you’re happy with your job, which is very clear. I appreciate that. This note is very neat; it’s always good to know that not only did you help, but someone noticed and had to tell you that they did. Awesome.

  6. Sadly, my local library is no longer open on Saturdays and only two evenings a week, thanks to budget cuts. I hardly manage to get there at all anymore. Boy do I miss it.

    But if you were here, I would not only thank you but hug you. (Cyber-hug your way.)

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