Three things that make me smile

I have a file of stuff—pictures, music, videos, that friends send me. When I have a tough day, I grab one at random for a pick-me-up.

Today, I needed three . . .


Mocha Mini Cupcakes.  In French.


Drop me off in Narnia, I know my way from there.

epic win photos - Pop Culture Fantasy Map WIN


Three guesses why this tickles me.  First two don’t count.


10 thoughts on “Three things that make me smile

    • My husband looked at it and said, “Wonderland is next to Mordor? That can’t be good . . . .For someone.”

      When you put an acid trip next to a psychopathy, fun ensues . . .

  1. Oh God. The Island of Sodor – flashbacks to reading those horrible Thomas the Tank Engine books a BAZILLION times a few years back….AUUUGH! Next train to Wonderland please.

  2. That first video is gorgeous. It almost (and I stress almost) makes me want to bake.
    And that BBC video? Oy. The funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. It’s true. Good and evil are so closely related.

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