I’d really thought I had my word-count right.

I gathered up all the documents and files I’d scattered around—my laptop, a Netbook, my phone,  my e-mail draft folder, that scribbled-over credit card bill under the cat—loaded ’em all into the verification window (presumably in the right order, but meh), hoping I wasn’t too far off the 50014 words I’d guesstimated.

I was way off, as it turned out.  It was 50572.

Nano Winner

Of course, I didn’t really write a novel.  I wrote sketchy outlines, a character study or two, and two rather long short stories, the first of which cuts off abruptly at a strange point and is linked to the second by a single sentence:  “Meanwhile, from the other side of the author’s subconscious . . . ”

Because if Nanowrimo 2012 has taught me anything,* it’s that when you attempt to write a Police Procedural, there’s only so far ignorance of all but the most basic Law & Order-gleaned police procedures will take you—in fact, it will take you about 28,485 words.**

The rest is . . . a bit right-brained.  Like Salvador Dali-grade right-brained.

I’m not sure any of this is salvageable except for the premise of the first story and the crime in the second—neither of which particularly mesh—but I don’t have to decide that right now.

Right now, I have to sleep.


*Besides the undeniable fact that my Internal Censor is a vicious bitch, distracted only by caffeine and shiny plot points.

** Eventually, it will take me to my local police department with a list of questions.  Maybe.

20 thoughts on “Done.

  1. I had no doubt you’d make NaNo your unquestionable, excuse the language, bitch. And you did. I’m sure there’s quite a bit “salvageable” and that knowing you, you’ll piece it together like the wonderful mosaic it’s it was always meant to be. Team Sarah for another win!

    Now, rest that gorgeous brain.

  2. Good for you, Sarah! I am so impressed with your dedication to writing. Rain, flu, day job, kids, none of it impedes your capacity to compose. A true warrior, you are.

  3. I’m a little late to the party, but congratulations! I love that you loaded things into the word counter “presumably” in the right order. It makes me want to take the Nanowrimo “”novel”” (double quotes to really drive home the point) from 2010, which I haven’t looked at since, and split it up into parts and rearrange them randomly. That just might be an improvement…

    • I’m always rearranging sections, Laura, and then putting them back the way they were. I don’t think it’s perfectionism . . . I think it’s procrastination.

      I really didn’t tie down my internal censor as much as I should have this Nano. I really should have ignored that voice that said, “Research! Research!” and plowed through with the first story.

      But, meh, at least I’ve got two now . . .

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