Duck and Cover Songs

In my heart of hearts, I know Luke was listening to John Williams over the cockpit speakers when he was zooming down that trench on the Death Star . . .

I’m ducking into the Internet Dead Zone again, this time to bring three chapters and five characters together to meet at a single point, and then scatter them all again.

So another short post—how lucky can you get?

This moratorium doesn’t include music.   Music doesn’t distract me—just the opposite.  So I thought I’d share some of the stuff I’ve been listening to while I work on my WIP.* 

No snark about my taste (or lack thereof) in music, please—or my age, thank you. There may be cheese on this list, but it isn’t irrelevant cheese.

(hit the pop-out player to play the music — not sure why the list isn’t coming up automatically, but if I can fix it, I will). 

Do you listen to music when you have to concentrate or do you prefer the sounds of silence?  What hones your focus?

*Swiped this idea from Averil Dean — I’m reading her book The Key to the music she posted here.

xkcd is the radiant fallout of Randall Munroe’s imagination.


8 thoughts on “Duck and Cover Songs

  1. Well, you know I listen to music. For everything. The only thing I need silence for is speed reading.

    And oh, Sarah–I knew we were kindred spirits. I’ll be listening to your Pigeon list while I attempt to work on my senior project (when I want desperately to play in blog land). ❤

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