Poetry Wednesday: Little Lamb

Sunny and Jane started a new school year today. I belong to a fourth grader and a kindergartener, now.

This would normally have me reaching for my vast assortment of Time Keeps Slipping, Slipping Away poems, but Sunny was so excited, from her sparkle-toe gym shoes to her curly hair and Janie was so protective this morning that I couldn’t resist going for the happy, especially when I saw the images I took this morning:

I’d like to note here, that the poet of this familiar nursery rhyme was not Mother Goose, but a self-educated widow with five children who supported her family with her writing skills—in the 1820s.

After publishing poetry and several novels, Sarah Josepha Hale became the editor of Ladies’ Magazine—which in 1837, became Godey’s Lady Book, the spiritual ancestor of all influential women’s magazines—and remained so for nearly fifty years.

She promoted female writers and higher education for women throughout her career.* Her book, Woman’s Record; or, Sketches of All Distinguished Women, from “The Beginning” till A.D. 1850, was the first book solely about women’s accomplishments throughout history.

Plus she wrote a little ditty** that has become so entrenched in American culture, that I’ll bet most of you who grew up here have the tune stuck in your head right now.

Or someone’s tune, anyway:

*Though she did think they had better things to do then vote or run businesses. Nobody’s perfect.

** I like to imagine she wrote it for her kids, to keep them from torturing the cat.


10 thoughts on “Poetry Wednesday: Little Lamb

  1. Very cute – and happy – pictures. 🙂 I just recently learned of Sarah Josepha Hale. Fellow blogger Mike Allegra wrote a children’s book about her. I don’t know him, but you can see his book with a .com after his name; it will bring up his WordPress blog. Thanks for the Stevie Ray Vaughan!

    • Thanks for telling me about Mike Allegra! His blog is terrific, and Sarah Gives Thanks sounds great, too—I’d forgotten that she also kick started Thanksgiving. Busy lady! 🙂

      No day is complete without a little SRV . . .

  2. I am the world’s worst at matching performers to their songs. A few years back, I was listening to the radio, and said to my concert-going friend, “we’ve got to go see this guy!” She got a kind of funny look on her face, and told me who was playing. Yep, it was SRV. So sad to have missed THAT opportunity.

    I miss the excitement of the first day of school. Around here it just means more people and horrible traffic!

    • Thank heavens for YouTube, Odie! 🙂

      The first day of school means horrible traffic for everyone, especially in the school parking lots. I hope it will level off soon, once we all get our new schedules down!

  3. What a delight to see a Sarah Hale post! And people talking about my Sarah Hale book!

    Thanks for the follow, Sarah. I very much like what’s here so I shall return the favor.

    Don’t be a stranger!

  4. I have a treasured photo of my first born getting on a big yellow school bus at the end of our driveway, bound for Kindergarten. Your pictures revived fond memories of those wonderful days. Unfortunately, my picture was on film so it would be difficult to post it.

    • I’ll show you how to scan stuff when next we meet, Dad—it’s good for preservation!

      I’m sure my kids would get a serious kick out of seeing me in red plaid pants.

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