A Very Important Public Service Announcement

 Set your DVRs, Tivos, VCRs, flipcams, Hulu Alerts, whatever—or send your family out to see the holiday lights, unless they can be trusted to not say a word for an entire hour.

That’s right:  Leverage returns tonight on TNT, 9 eastern, 8 central! 


C’mon guys, it’s the Ho Ho Ho Job!*  The team’s saving Santa. 

And that guy from Kids in the Hall is in it.  And Wil Wheaton.

Wil Wheaton.  As a villian.

If you’ve never seen the show and even the draw of Wil Wheaton leaves you undecided,** have a look at two of my favorite clip vids, compiled by those far more tech savvy than I.

Want humor and action?  Leverage delivers:

Want drama and emotional depth?  Got you covered:

Look, at least check out  Kung Fu Monkey, blog of the John Rogers, head writer of Leverage and all around cool guy.

That is all. 

Hey, isn’t that enough?


* There’s a sneak peek after the trailer.  And commercials—sorry, blame TNT.

**C’mon—Wil Wheaton.


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