Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian VI (Alarms)

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Another passage from my first drawer novel, which is going to get stranger before it . . . gets stranger . . .

An alarm rang through the Library, jolting me out of my funk—the high-pitched beep that means an armed book has just left the Children’s Room.   It’s obnoxious and loud, but noise is a small price to pay for keeping the collections safe . . . and the children.

That particular alarm sounds at least once a day, usually set off by some kid waving a book through the sensors for the excitement.  So while I made for the front doors, I half-expected to hear the all-clear before I reached them.

Instead, the proximity siren kicked in from the entrance.


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35 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian VI (Alarms)

  1. Creeeeeepy. Please tell me there was, at very least, a person standing there. I don’t want to start the new year off trying to locate an evil spirit.

    • Thanks, Jayel. It’s set slightly in our future, but its past was a bit different, too, starting several decades back. More (or different) wars, a political restructuring of states into martially-based regions, and the capitol was moved (back) to Philadelphia, as DC is going to be glowing in the dark for quite some time . . . But it’s the Library of Congress paradigm shift that interested me . . .

  2. I had to go back and read the previous posts. Such an interesting premise. Very curious about what happens next!

  3. This gets more and more interesting every week. I want to know what is up with an armed book (in the children’s section of all places) and why a lockdown in the library.

  4. very nice. i’m with lisa–your suspense is masterfully crafted.

    and i like the word funk. my high school sweethearts last name was funk and for many of my younger more impressionable years i grew up thinking that word would be my last name. of course, i didn’t marry him; but, the funny thing is i kept my maiden name. (maybe that’s just funny to me.)

    happy new year.

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