Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian IX (Truth and Consequences)

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Another bit from my drawer novel—after this, we’ll get back to actual plot, I think.

You know, some people actually do hate paying fines this much . . .

“She’s the one who threw that thing out there, not me!” said Nicky’s mother, pointing at me.

“You would have preferred to have your son splattered all over our walls?” asked Frieda.

“You should have caught him sooner!” said the woman, flushing a dull red.

“We aren’t babysitters, and we aren’t responsible for watching your children while you’re glued to a workstation—you are responsible for the actions of your child and for the replacement cost of that book. 

“If you refuse payment, the Department of Children’s Services will be contacted and you’ll be charged with child endangerment,” she added, with a raised eyebrow.  “I’m sure it will make a nice addition to the file they no doubt already have on your happy little family unit.”


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26 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian IX (Truth and Consequences)

    • Except for the exploding book part, this is very close to an exchange that took place with a parent who didn’t realize that her three-year old had climbed the stairs to the non-fiction section and headed straight for the, ah, marital manuals.

      She was very upset when she found him holding a ripped page from one of them. So were we.

  1. Isn’t there any way you could insert a teeny tiny little inappropriate word in that exchange? I’m on a cursing binge lately. I love listening to a (usually upright) citizen just let it all hang out.

  2. That’s what makes this snippet so good–the fact that you know and have definitely encountered people, even mothers, who will not take responsibility for their own actions. To the extreme. Sadly, we don’t always have a card like Frieda to “encourage” people to pay what they owe, whatever it may be. And I love that she called it a family “unit.” Little details like work for the world so well.

    • I didn’t cut much, but she has a bit more when the woman storms off,to pay, swearing they’ll never come back to the library again.

      Again, not so much fiction in that . . .

      I love the name Frieda—you rarely see it anymore, but you know who she is when you do! 🙂

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