Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XX (Interlude)

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I thought Clyota could use a break . . .

What does a librarian do when she’s stressed?  Find something to read, of course:


I passed over a low shelf of the old, realpaper favorites I’d carted around with me since childhood, then went back to read the titles. Alice in Wonderland seemed all too appropriate, and Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory isn’t as enjoyable if indigestion won’t let you fantasize over the chocolate waterfall room . . . Wind in the Willows

I pulled the book from the shelf, taking care with the tattered, well-loved cover.  Good old Mole, Rat, and Toad, having adventures irrelevant to anything in my life.

The kitchen unit boiled a cup of water as I rummaged out an elderly tea bag without a tag.  I took mug, quilt, and book with me to bed, wrapping myself in the warm folds of thick material, breathing the steam of surprise tea, which turned out to be a chamomile vanilla blend that settled my stomach and soothed my throat.

I felt some of the tension let go in my shoulders and the top of my spine and I snuggled into my pillows and read about small animals in another country and time, until the tea was gone and I let the book slide into my lap and my mind glide down the river in Rat’s boat while Mole rowed and Badger lectured Toad on willful ignorance.


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15 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XX (Interlude)

  1. A well deserved break for her. 🙂 Great six, and can’t wait to read more. I hope this has come all the way out of the drawer now.

    • Thanks, Jessica. As soon as I have time to concentrate on a full edit, we’ll see if I can beat it into shape. If nothing else, I have several story ideas set in the same universe.

  2. I’ve never read it! I took it out once to read aloud to the kids but never got around to it. You’ve once again inspired me, Madam.

    Hope it did its job and the stress has subsided. xo

    • It’s a series of lovely stories, MSB—try the first one and see how it goes.

      I suppose we’ll see next week if it worked on Clyota. 🙂

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