Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XXIII (Off the Record)

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 I know I’m not supposed to say this, but Reynard Times-Courier is one of my favorite characters.  He’s also one of the reasons I don’t like to go into my subconscious unarmed . . .

Murderer’s Lover killed on Daughter’s Doorstep.  Broadcast,” he said, giving me a bird-like stare from his single, human eye, “at eleven, twelve, and two.”

“Get out of my house,” I said, advancing on him.

“I want words first—off the record.”  He slowly moved a finger to a blue button on his breastplate and pressed it. 

The hum that emanated from him dropped in pitch until all was silent, and the small red lights on his equipment went dead. 


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25 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XXIII (Off the Record)

  1. I’m reading about Brassai, the wonderful Hungarian (or was it Romanian?) photographer. He said that one could forget entirely about having a conversation when tape recorders were used. That when you turned one off, and actually had a conversation, that was where one activated the mind. Maybe that’s what journalists are trying to do when they say, “off the record.”

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