Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XL (Dear Old Dad)

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As predicted, Artur Winston-Regold was not happy with his only daughter.

“You might have told me you would be visiting friends.”  His tone was peevish.  “I might have used the time I wasted trying to reach you.”

By Dad’s lights, any time spent doing anything other than communing with the muse was to be endured, rather than lived, a sentiment he’d put into several of his poems.

Write what you know, I guess.


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25 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XL (Dear Old Dad)

  1. I totally get how he feels about his writing–like you said, “write what you know,” LOL! This is such a powerful snippet. A lot of information about both characters, as well as the dynamic of their relationship, is revealed in very few words. Excellent six!

  2. Enjoyed your six Sarah. I love that he tried hard to reach her and had not trouble letting her know that his time was just as important as hers. You packed a lot of info in these few lines!

  3. Her dad gets under my skin. Everyone’s time is valuable, but so is consideration. Not just of his time, but of what’s going with her–which is pretty heavy. And he’s clueless, or at least doesn’t care. Grr.

  4. Very interesting dynamic between father and daughter, and depicted beautifully. One imagines that he does care for her, but cannot express it in a way that she can receive.

    • Thank you. Rae—I think you’re right, though I’d never thought of it like that.

      And his inability to express it is just a tad ironic, considering he’s a poet. Cool. 🙂

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