Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XLII (Slippery)

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Since everyone asked, here’s the identity of the housebreaker from last week . .  . sort of.

“Is this the same guy as last night?”  I went through his pockets, but he evidently disliked disturbing the fit of his clothes by carrying an ID crystal.

“Yes,” said the Pressman, giving the word a faint hiss.

“I thought he’d be locked up,” I said.   I’d wanted to check the arrest records to see if anyone had been picked up at my address, but doing so would mean another call to Charlie, and I was reluctant to involve him any more than I had. 

“He is,” said the Pressman, “a very . . . slippery individual.”

If you’re wondering who the guy from “last night” is, he first appears on page here, and gets the stuffing beaten out of him between here and here.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read and/or comment on this story—I really appreciate the encouragement!

On Wednesday, I’m making the drive to the Bouchercon mystery convention in Cleveland Wednesday and I’ll be coming home Sunday—so I don’t know if I’ll be able to participate next week.  But I’m hoping the Internet access at the hotel will allow me to post about the panels and people along the way, if you’re interested.  Last year was a blast!


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27 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XLII (Slippery)

  1. I see where the sort of comes in. We finally get to know the incidents are related, as it’s the same guy, but not why. It’s so tense to read this in short snippets. Great six.

    • It’s sort of a reorganized, post-martial law America, Sue Ann—emergency services are privatized, libraries are self-funded and independent of the government . . . Technology is ubiquitous, but still a mix of old and new . . . Teachers are well-paid . . .

      As you can tell, I kind of winged it. 🙂

  2. Lots of good questions coming out of this snippet. Why wasn’t the man picked up by the police and how much does the Pressman really know (and isn’t telling!)? Intriguing six!

    • Thanks, Carrie-Anne!

      It’s more of a fun thing than a luck thing—no pitch-parties or workshopping. But I’ve met a lot a great people there and some have been very gracious in answering my questions.

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